Week 6 – Stuff-Up.Org

Stuff-Up.Org has an ailing set of in-house developed legacy systems. It has been decided that the IT departments will be tasked to investigate the possibility of adopting an ES. If they recommend ES adoption, then it has also been decided that they will be tasked with evaluating products and recommending a product to the CEO. What might be wrong with this situation? What problems do you see arising?

Many organisations with an ailing legacy system, make the decision to investigate the possibility of adopting an Enterprise System.  The decision to adopt an Enterprise System is due to its new technology and ability to perform a task more efficiently than the organisations existing legacy system. An organisation needs to evaluate whether Enterprise System products will be a feasible option for the organisation at all. This is decided by producing such reports and feasibility studies. During the IT departments research they should take into consideration the inclusion of other departments to determine the benefits and feasibility of an Enterprise System for the organisation as a whole.  If the other departments are not included in this process it may result in the adoption of an unecessary, unfeasible and unbenifitial Enterprise System approved by the CEO that may not have been required.


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