Week 8 – Project Managers

What skills and attributes do you think an ERP project manager must have? do you think these skills should include functional and/or technical knowledge of the product? Why/why not – justify your answer

A project manager’s responsibilities is to execute a project in a timely and effective manner. They must inhibit leaderships attributes, to inspire, motivate and encourgae the team members to productively work toward the common goal. They must have a large skill set to be able to face any challenege, including communication, time managemnet, cost efficieny and change management. Project managers must be able to make decsions, they will be faced with constant arising questions, and they must make an informed decsion based on their knowledge and skill set.

Project managers should have a functional understanding of the product, they need to be able to understand what their IT staff, who have the in depth technical knowledge, is saying and their recommendations about the product. A project manager should not need in depth understanding to steer their team through the project. They do need to be convincing, and show their understanding when talking to vendors, and they need to be able to understand whether the test of a system has gone well or not to ensure their project is running efficiently. A project manager utalises his/her team’s skills to the projects need, thats why they do not need a technical insight to the product.


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